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We offer gift packs in both wood and presentation gift cartons. They are available in 1,2,3,6 or 12 bottle format. Wood cases look impressive, are more substantial and make good initial visual impact. However, they are more expensive. Our suggestion is to invest more of your money in the wine itself and opt for less expensive, very presentable, fit-for-purpose, gift cartons. These cartons are well constructed, visually attractive and low cost.
What to choose? One way is to ask us for suggestions. Tell us what you would like to do / achieve, who will be the recipient(s), what your budget is and we will present you with some choices / recommendations. Alternatively, peruse our list, select your wines and we will quote you for the gift cartons separately. In other words, tailor your own selection to suit your need.



While we will have pre-selected Christmas Gift case options readily available for the festive period (please enquire from October on), there is nothing to stop you selecting your own gifts based on budget, recipient, preferences etc. Simply follow the instructions in the GIFTS section above (second paragraph ‘What to choose?’)


Intimidated / perplexed about what to choose? Don’t be. We have catered for many, many weddings, so we know how to help you.
Tell us about your wedding - where, how many guests, menu, reception plan, toasts, what ideally your budget is. Then tell us what type of wine(s) you would like to have on your big day. Following this initial chat we normally recommend you do the following:
aboutimg 1. Select up to 3 reds and 3 whites (more if you want, though we recommend 3 of each) and purchase a bottle of each to take home. Ask along a few friends, family / companions whose judgement you value and taste together. Get opinion. Tell us the outcome. Based on your conclusions we may even suggest you taste an additional red or white similar to your preferred selection; to offer you additional choice.
2. On the other hand you may already have decided! If you do, the following steps equally apply;
3. Order based on the number of guests but with sufficient stock to avoid shortage. You can do this in the comfort of knowing that we will take back unopened surplus stock and free of charge.
4. We will liaise directly with the beverage / banquet manager at the venue ensuring timely delivery, recommended serving temperature and serving sequence.
5. We will take back unused stock from the venue (the onus of establishing the volume of stock to be returned rests with the customer and must be communicated to Burgundy Direct Wines before collection is made).
You now have peace of mind and your wines / champagne / sparkling wines selection is in good hands.


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