Monte da Ravasqueira

Ravasqueira is one of my favourite wineries because it deliveries quality but, in typical Portuguese fashion, it also provides great value. Located in the municipality of Arraiolos, about an hour’s drive from Lisbon, the Monte da Ravasqueira estate occupies a vast area of typical Alentejan landscape.The excellent geological conditions and the unusually cool climate are well suited to the production of some of the best wine that the Alentejo has to offer. A great deal has been invested in planting vines and also in modern winemaking equipment.
Monte da Ravasqueira is an interesting winery. It has been owned by the José de Mello family for several generations. This winery is located in the Alentejo region of Portugal, which together with the Douro, is leading the revolution in table wines coming from Portugal. Monte da Ravasqueira is a traditional Portuguese winery but has done a major upgrade of its facilities, using Napa as a model, so it produces clean, modern wines, but at traditional Portuguese prices.
It is the wines that sets Monte da Ravasqueira apart. There are few vineyards in the world that produce better value. Napa boutique wineries are not highlighting what consumers are saying (understable!), but increasingly wine lovers think that Monte da Ravasqueira is the future and this is simply due to their high quality wines at very reasonable prices. Here are two of my favourite Monte da Ravasqueira wine sources.
Dona Vitoria range
Per Btl Case (6) Dona Vitoria Premium 2017 (white) €11.65 €69.90 Dona Vitoria Premium 2017 (red) €11.65 €69.90 Dona Vitoria Colecao Privada 2017 (red) €12.75 €76.50 Dona Vitoria Grande Escola 2017 (red) €14.50 €87.00
Vina da Coutada range
Per Btl Case (6) Vinha da Coutada Velha 2017 (white) €11.95 €71.70 Vinha da Coutada Velha 2017 (red) €11.95 €71.70 Coutada Velha Signature 2017 (white) €13.95 €83.70 Coutada Velha Signature 2017 (red) €13.95 €83.70